Washoe County Clerk

Washoe County Clerk's Office

County Clerk

1001 E. 9th Street, Building A, Suite 115
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 784-7287

Office Hours:

8:00am - Midnight
Every day of the year

Version: 2022.1.42

Prefilling Documents
If you would like to prefill portions of your documents before coming to our office, please click on the "My Documents" tab after you "Enter" the site.

Searching Documents
If you would like to Search for documents on file in our office, please click on the "Searching" tab after you enter the site.

Our records are indexed in alphabetical order by name (last name space first name no comma). You will need at least one of the parties' names to conduct a search. You may also search for information by a specific field or combination of fields presented. This will help you limit your search. For official copies or certified copies of documents, or for inquiries on documents please contact our office:

Marriage & Business Division (775) 784-7287

Board Records & Minutes
(775) 784-7279

(775) 784-7287

It may be possible that the document you are researching was not issued in this county, for a list of other county clerks in Nevada click here.